We are always looking for good instructions that help with knowledge of building. This site is dedicated to this purpose. The search for information that is usable by the average person is an exhausting one. We would like any company willing to do so to take some of this burden.

This site is set in a specific format. A Microsoft Word document has been created into a template for use by anyone wanting to write for this site. This template can be downloaded here!!!

We are not currently offering a phone number for contact. The only contact currently is email. Just select a topic, preferably one that does not yet have an article, a write it out following the template provided. Once the article is written, email it along with any photos to be attached to the article, and photo for the topic cover picture if desired.

If we do not have a holding place for an article you would like to write, just ask. Chances are that if it is related to home building or maintenance then it will be accepted.

All articles written are reviewed by real people and will not be approved if it is not up to our standards. We will reply to any email that has sent an article that has been rejected in order for the author to edit it to our standards. We want to fill this site with all kinds of useful information for our readers.

Links to the author or his company will be given in the credits section. Look at the template for clarification on this. We want the authors to get the credit they deserve for the expertise they provide.

We look forward to hearing from everyone, but if you are writing an article for the site, please put “article” in the subject line. This way it will more quickly reach our review team. Any site suggestions should have “suggestion” in the subject line. Any other emails can have any subject. We look forward to hearing from everyone!!!

Email us at: admin@myhomeinspiration.com