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Welcome to “My Home Inspiration”, a site dedicated to showing you how to build your home from the ground up! We are working to provide complete tutorials on as many aspects of building a home as possible. We want people to know what goes into building a home AND how it is done. This site is a work in progress, so if a tutorial or instruction is not here, send us an email asking for it. We are here to help you, and want to give you the information you need as quickly and completely as possible.

Initially this site will be set up providing tutorials in four stages of construction. These stages are: Early, Midway, Finish, and Maintenance.

For the early group, expect to find tutorials and instructions related to the early stages of construction. Some of the topics that will appear in this section are: concrete (such as footers and foundation), electrical rough in, excavation, permits and insurance, fireplaces, framing and other rough carpentry, HVAC systems, masonry, plumbing rough in, roofing, siding, soffits and gutters, stairs, stucco, windows, etc.

For the midway group, you can expect to find topics related to interior work usually done after the home is protected from the weather, with the completion of the roofing, windows and siding. Although floor coverings can appear in this section, we will leave those topics for the finish section. Topics for the midway group will include: cabinetry, concrete (such as sidewalks and driveways), drywall, insulation, paneling, doors etc.

The finish group will include tutorials and instructions for work that is typically done in the final stages of a construction or remodel project. These will usually include items that vary greatly in appearance because they complete the look and feel of a home. These topics will include: ceiling tiles, appliances, awnings, finish electrical work, carpet, resilient flooring, tile or stone flooring, vinyl flooring, wood flooring, trim work and other finish carpentry, lighting fixtures, finish plumbing, painting, wall tile, wallpaper, etc.

The maintenance group is the oddball. This group will contain the instructions and tutorials for topics that don’t quite fit elsewhere. This group will contain topics that may link or be loosely associated with topics in other areas such as exterior structures and pools which may require excavation, foundation concrete, or framing. Other topics in this category such as fencing and landscaping do not deal with the structure directly at all, but can be a part of the overall home value. Other topics such as demo and plaster help with remodel decisions for owners of existing property that needs an upgrade. Still other topics such as cleaning and water damage help home owners maintain their home without unnecessary costs.

This site is a work in progress, and we believe that it always will be. As new building practices and code requirements evolve we will ask professionals in their field to instruct us on the proper way to do the job. Our firm belief is that an informed and knowledgeable home owner can decide what he can or wants to do himself, and hire professional help for work where he is uncomfortable or unable to do. In addition we believe that a home owner’s satisfaction is greater when he understands the full extent of work done on his home.